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I read this book recently called the Hungry Years. In the book the author talked about the Atkins diet in his life and how he relates to food. One bit I found particularly interesting was how he talked about the obsession. It was a hunger. A hunger for something more. I feel that way as well. I’m always hungry. Sometimes I’m hungry for food but many other times I think I’m just hungry for a life I don’t have. Something needs to fill that hole of boredom and emptiness. I need to do something about this. Maybe the best thing is to make a list of things to and make it happen.


Too dark

I think I’m too dark to have a successful blog.  I wonder if no one else ever gets depressed. Maybe they are just more adult and can stuff it down further than me.


Well I did that diet for 4 days and while it felt great I fell off the bandwagon and it was so much fun just to stuff my mouth full of junk food. Some days I have no idea how I’m ever going to lose the weight. I have to almost physically make myself stay with one day at a time because there is always something to plan for, to hope for. I can’t think about that. I need to just be with the moment.

Tensions arising with the hubs. I can’t take all the neediness sometimes. Not sure what to do on that front.