I’m pretty hungry but what is surprising is that it is manageable. I need to cut down on the late nights. The tea and pills are giving me some insomnia but I know I need sleep. Dinner was delicious and I can’t wait to eat my lunch. I’m making myself wait until 12:30 on the dot. Practicing even small amounts of willpower is good for me.

I will be getting home late today but I still will have plenty of time to exercise. Then I plan to clean, cook and finish this damn paper (thorn in my side). I’m almost out of Spring Semester. I really want to get out of school asap. I’m a little nervous that my advisor even tomorrow will be under-attended. I hope that everything works out OK. But hey, one day at a time. What can I control? Things that go in my mouth and exercising and taking the time to study. Everything else will work itself out.

Before I forget – today’s weigh-in: 208