It’s the new year and I’ve made some decisions that are going to make this year both impossibly hard and challenging. Weight loss is still a huge priority. I need to make an effort on laziness. I feel that that has impacted my life in such a negative way. I’ve been too lazy to exercise, too lazy to cook, too lazy to do anything with my life.

This year, as cliche as it sounds, will be different. I want to be different. Not only will I be working towards my career, I need to make connections and build a tutoring business. I need to learn about my field and focus in on what I am interested in. I need to build connections at the university and start working in the lab there.

For exercise, I need to do it. And eat right. I am worth it. What am I afraid of? Why do I not exercise? I think I need to dig a little more into my self and understand why I act this way.