203.4. I wasn’t going to measure my weight every morning but I think it actually does help me keep on track. I stayed perfectly on my meal plan yesterday and look at today! Great! I beat off the 11pm munchies by just going to bed. I have a ton of work to do today for school and I don’t think I can get it all done. My husband is another stressor for me lately. He is incapable of good time management. He doesn’t work but has 4 classes. I work full time and have 3. I don’t have any sympathy for him. Yesterday he didn’t have any classes and was supposed to study the whole day. Our new appliances were delivered and I figured that would take a few hours out of his day. Turns out he did NO studying whatsoever and left it for when I got home at 9:30pm last night. He didn’t study at ALL. I watched a tv show to relax while doing some of my homework and finally by 11 he realized he should be working on it. By then it was too late and he panicked and went to bed uneasy. It irritates me because we can’t do fun stuff together if he still has homework due! I bought him a wall calendar and a day planner but nothing helps. It’s really aggravating.

Getting into the groove again this week with my diet. Cooked chicken for lunch last night and prepped all my food. It’s actually kind of relaxing to do at the end of a long day. Yesterday I didn’t exercise as I had long days on Saturday, Sunday and Monday painting and my knees were hurting. I’ll do something tonight. Maybe some weights and then 20 min walk or maybe the Jackie Warner video. The one I have of here is pretty brutal. I love it! 🙂

One final thing I’ve been doing recently that I think has helped is making friends with my mirror. In the past, I’ve told myself I’m ugly and looked at all my bad features in the mirror when I went by. I haven’t lost any huge amount of weight but I still can feel it. I feel healthy and happy and I think I can see that in the mirror. When I get up, I take a look in there, look at my body and tell myself that I am awesome and I can already see a difference. I think this is helping me stick with what I’m doing and be proud of myself.

I hope it rains today 🙂