203.6. I can see that hard labor really agrees with me. Lol. Aching everywhere is very uncomfortable but possibly the most satisfying feeling in the world. Just knowing that I was out there DOING something! Sweat equity indeed! And then I came home and made my squash/pasta/cheese casserole for the week. This week’s lunches are going to be chicken quesadillas. Healthy and all things I love which is important.

I can’t believe I’ve been at this blog this long. Before the blog was a paper journal but it wasn’t keeping me accountable enough. In fact I didn’t write on here Saturday at all and by Sunday I was already losing track of my calories and energy and thinking about snack. Just one day still makes a difference which is why I need to be on here every day. Constant affirmation of my goals whether I am happy/sad, energetic/tired, full/hungry. Writing down my feelings and thoughts that come up during the day I think gives me some self expression and keeps the food from going in the mouth.

Again, twice this weekend, I found myself saying yes to candy even though I really had no desire for it. I have so much to do in the evenings now, it’s not a boredom thing. Perhaps its a spoil myself and relax  thing. I’ll need to think of something I can consistently do that will spoil me and relax me without it involving candy.

Good luck this week!