First evening home in a long time! Class is stressful. I already feel like I am not up to my normal level. I am lagging behind, not understand and I cannot and will not get a B. I hope I survive the next month. We are painting and recarpeting the house and dealing with contractors and services and then moving. Stress level is high.

Usually during levels of high stress I resort to food to comfort me. I actually have been doing really well as of late. Today was 1500 calories and I did an at home arms/back workout when I got home from class tonight. I am very happy that I’ve had 5 days of exercise in a row and not bad eating either.

I was listening to NPR on the way home and they had on this lady. She wrote a book called, you are not your brain. It’s about reconditioning your brain, something I’ve thought a lot about during the dieting process. There are 4 steps to the process which is pretty similar to any mindfulness article you may have read about.

1. Relabel – acknowledge what you are doing – “I’m going to eat a midnight snack”

2. Reframe – why are you doing this? Is this just an impulse or is it something you really want and need?

3. Refocus – do something else!

4. Revalue – look at what just happened and realize the situation you were in and how you want that situation to go now and in the future.

I don’t think this kind of strategy is anything new, but it was interesting to listen to on the drive home. I’ve been noticing a lot lately about my old thought and activity patterns now that I have less time. It’s interesting to me that now that I am incredibly busy, I haven’t had as many urges to snack. I don’t know that I want to STAY this busy in the future so I will have to figure out a better way to cope with boredom and snacking.

Food is actually going really well lately. Starting the morning with a breakfast burrito, taco salad for lunch, pasta and veg for dinner and a protein bar for a snack. Sneaking in V8 Fusion strawberry banana drinks and these Mott’s applesauce with vegetable juice in them when I have extra calories. They have a lot of sugar in them so I’m trying not to make them a huge habit. But when the urge hits, at least they have vegetable juice in them and knowing myself, I could definitely find worse things to snack on.

Almost halfway through the week. Gotta keep it up!