So we got the house, yay! and realized we are going to have to work our ASSES off to get it ready to move in in 2 weeks. This weekend along with my 3 classes worth of homework, we need to paint half the house. Carpet measure is coming on Tuesday. Water heater, door, security system is this weekend. Also need to install carpet, buy and install appliances, and get cable in. Oh and move. I don’t know how I am going to make it with my classes, work and all of this! I really want to pull off A’s again this quarter but my classes have already given me a ton of work and I don’t know if I can keep up.

Surprisingly, or maybe not surprising at all, I’m at 206.2. I’ve been eyeballing calories which is never a good idea but I think I’m staying within my 1500 amount. I know what 1500 a day feels like in my stomach. It feels like a little hungry when I go to bed. I’ve also resisted late night binges simply because I am tired, I have other things to do and I guess I’m just not as interested in food when I’m not bored. I knew I was an emotional eater so this isn’t rocket science but it’s still interesting.

We are feeding some friends pizza today to thank them for their help working with us this weekend on the house. I am bringing my water bottle and a Clif bar so I hope that I can just eat the one slice. Since we are painting the whole weekend and I’m still doing yoga on Sunday I think I will get PLENTY of exercise.