Today starts the new semester of school and while I am excited to be getting back into things I wish I were already at my degree. Being a 30 year old student is annoying and it’s hard not to wish every single day that I had done this right the first time.

The weekend was full of eating but not once did I eat so much I was stuffed. I didn’t count calories and I’m sure I went over but I practiced mindful eating and exercised every day.

We were talking about a New Year’s vacation we are all taking together. I am fighting the idea of writing down this date on my calendar and planning how many pounds I can lose by then. I do the weight loss calendar all the time and it never works, just leaves me upset. I’m just taking this one day at a time. Hour by hour. That’s all I have control over.

I cooked ground taco for taco salad for my lunches this week and a pasta/squash bake for my dinners this week. I won’t have 2 seconds to rub together this whole week so food planning was extremely important. If I want to be super fit, the thing to start with is making sure food calories are on point.

Sadly the forecast is all beautiful and sunny this week. I really think I could go for some rain.

House issue is a big thorn in my side. I guess we’ll find out on Thursday if this is going to happen. We planned out colors for the rooms yesterday. I wish we hadn’t. I feel like we are jinxing the whole thing.

Despite everything, I think I’m happy for Monday to be here.