Ate decently for lunch but didn’t do so well in the evening. Husband was at a school function and the brussels sprouts were going bad so instead of the dinner I planned, I had junk food. Also the girl from work canceled our workout plans for the evening so I stayed on the couch and read a fantasy book. It wasn’t the best evening but I suppose it could’ve been worse.

Got a call about a job interview today. I’ll need to brush up on my perky. Hopefully will hear about financing going through tomorrow on the house we want to buy. The pressure from all these things is driving me slightly wild. I really would like to blame the fact that I am lazy on the stressors in my life but I guess that’s probably not the right way to go about it. I was going to buy some diet pills in the store for energy’s sake but I decided to see how B12 would work. Also trying St. John’s Wort to see if it will improve my crappy moods. 🙂

Tomorrow: smaller breakfast, good lunch, actually make dinner, get a resume tune up and do a bodyrock workout.

Keep plugging away Emily!