Starting: 208.

This weekend was actually a really good eating weekend considering I usually binge on the weekends. Even though we ate out and my calories were higher than they should’ve been, I think I made good choices and last night when I wanted Culver’s, I had the frozen chocolate peanut butter protein pieces that I made. Not quite satisfying but oh well.

I changed my screen and homepage to I’ve pinpointed what I want to look like and Zuzana is the one. What an amazing body. She doesn’t look overly muscly or veiny like the Oxygen girls and not wussy like fashion models.

Goals for the blog:

-Write down what I ate. Calories are important but if worst comes to worst, just write down food.

-Weight once a week because daily for my fluctuates too much.

-Exercise once a day – between my gym membership, P90X, my large collection of exercise dvds and, there really are no excuses. Even a walk with my husband is preferably to no exercise.

-Write about my mental state. I’ve been going at this over ten years and it’s not working out so well. The mental aspects of weight loss are obviously the most important.

Breakfast: VFusion 120, 2 eggs/salsa/tortilla 300 – 420. Pretty large breakfast but I’m trying to experiment with larger breakfasts because usually when lunch rolls around, I am starving.

Thoughts: I am terrified of food. I realized this about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t think of anything that I could eat because I had nothing to eat at home. It was a paralyzing moment. Food scares me.

I can’t think of much else to say for the moment.